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Art Silk Sarees


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Items 1 to 36 of 168 total

Stunning Art Silk Sarees Online in USA, UK and India - ShreeDesignsnx

Artificial silk which is known as Art silk. This silk is manufactured by a synthetic material like rayon, which gives qualities like silk material; But at very low cost in industries. For making products at a reasonable range, Fancy Art Silk Sarees Online Shopping is the best option for manufacturers to produce Ethnic range like lehengas, salwar kameez, sarees, etc.

Genesis In 1983, Henry Ford, who had not good connections with the textile or fashion industry, hired two chemists to develop silk from soybean. And with hard work, they succeeded. They produced natural Art silk material, but the method for processing it was not natural.

Before that, In the year 1930, the United States produced nylon material and used as a replacement of Japanese silk, Which was banned during World war II. They gave names to that material as viscose or rayon, but those were just choices. Those names do not explain the definition of artificial silk clearly.

Nowadays, Story line Experiments

Silk is the mother of innovations, We can produce as many varieties as anyone can provide, yet the main benefit is that each variety of silk that is newly created as an individual user and its properties are well differentiated from each other types. Site an example, azlon fiber, which is used for producing hats and coats.

Nylon fabric, which is slightly different but worldwide believed as an artificial silk form. In less time, its properties developed at its highest compared to rayon or silk. The main point is that Nylon fabric consumed a little bit of time to obtain as a leading textile fiber. It was that much effective that it replace silk on certain levels and terminate its consumption in specific applications.

Worldwide Demand - Offering a Better Quality

For modern people, art silk or imitation silk is a gift by manhood because of its fast availability and a vast number of users. Art silk is beneficial not only as a clothing material but also for the manufacturing of items like fancy bags, rain covers, umbrellas, parachutes, etc. Artificial silk is made from different ingredients with different qualities, but nowadays, rayon, mercerized cotton, and polyester are the main components in the manufacturing of it.

It is hard for a noob to differentiate artificial silk and pure silk. It has both pros and cons due to the same appearance of the fabrics. The seller can precisely sell low-standard material at a high cost due to lake of awareness, so which can make an awful impression towards market and buyer needs to sell from popular brands which cost higher than locals. Yet artificial silk has made its unique place in the world of textiles and also in the history of fashion.

How to pick the right art silk saree?

1. Art silk is so smooth and feathery which contains all qualities as pure silk, like comfort and lightweight.

2. Art silk gives pure silk qualities at a price as low as cotton.

3. Art silk doesn't make you hot, a no-no in the way of look it make you hot but temperature-wise it will keep you cool in hot summers as well.

4. Art silk sarees will go under lots of experiments as it is a low cost so that it will be more trendy than ever.