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Returns & Exchanges

At shreedesignsnx, we provide service until customer's satisfaction. After delivery, if you are not happy with the product, We will happily accept the product with a return. But you have to send or email us a written reason for return within 24 hours of delivery.


Q: I just ordered a product, but now I want to cancel it. How can I cancel it?
A: Please email us as soon as possible on shreedesignsnx@gmail.com, including your order number and cancellation request. But please note that you have to inform us within 24 hours of order placing for a full refund back to your paid method of payment. After this limited period, the cancellation will vary on a different case basis, Totally depending on your product's status if it is near to completion of dispatch. You will get the full amount of store credit as your order cancellation request will be accepted. There will be 10% processing fees that will be applicable if you want a refund on your card.

Products that are ready to ship will not be canceled if the order is placed. As you place an order, we have to dispatch it, as we stated online.

Q: Why is it compulsory to inform you within 24 hours of order placed if I want to cancel my order?
A: As you place your order, we start our work to deliver it to you. The picking, Packing, and logistics process have already begun, So it will be in your favor to contact as soon as possible. That's why we have a 24 hours policy.

Q: What if I missed an important factor to include in my order? Do I need to reorder it?
A: Not at all, You need to update us via email at shreedesignsnx@gmail.com for your measurements. If Your product is ready to wear and/or dispatched, we cannot be able to customize it. So we request you to email us as fast as you can.


Q: I got my order but would like to return. How can I return this?
A: Please contact our team at shreedesignsnx@gmail.com with your order number and a reason for return. For return, it is compulsory to send us a reason for the return in written under 24 hours of receiving your order. After receiving your cancellation request, one member from our team will approve your return request and will give information about the return address. You must fulfill all rules mentioned below for returns:

The product must have all tags.

Products which are in "Sale" are final, which cannot be returned.

Custom Stitched products cannot be returned.

Q: I collect my order with an error. What will I need to do with this product?
A: Human learns from mistakes - We will take strong feedback with all your measurements To deliver our product in best condition, but as said before if we found one of the below terms, We will return it on our own cost and will send you the perfect product delivered out to you as soon as possible.

1- Delivered the incorrect merchandise: Considering it as human error, We will return the merchandise from you and will dispatch the correct one to you.

2- Product received with manufacturer defect: We will accept the defective product back and will send you the perfect one.

3- Different measurements item Provided from us: In such a case, we will return the product from you and investigate the product for any measurement issues. If an issue has done from our end, we will send you the new product with your perfect measurements. During the investigation, if we found that no measurement issue from our side, we will resend the item, and you will be liable to pay the bill for the return label and logistics charges to send it back to you.

4- Not happy with the product because it doesn't fit because of my wrong measurements.

In that case, You can send it to us and we will re-stitch the product at no cost and return it to you. You will be just billed for shipping charges to send it to you.
As soon as you receive the wrong product, it will be beneficial to both of us if you email us. First of all, our company member will verify these issues; it is our humble request if you email pictures of the error, including order number to shreedesignsnx@gmil.com.
At the earliest of its time, our team members will short out your issue.


We will refund 100% if you wanted it as a store credit, but there are 10% processing charges applicable for your payment needed in your card or account(i.e., credit card, PayPal) . 

The customers are bound for all return shipping or customs charges, which may arise during the product return to us. The refund will only be done after we receive our item. We are not responsible for any package lost during transit or not delivered to you by your chosen return option.

Shipping charges are not refundable. During Free shipping charges offers, Ideal logistics charges paid from outside will be charged from your refund amount back to you.
Without confirmation with our team members, don't return any of the products.Without approval of the return, we hold all the rights to cancel your return, and your parcel will be resent to you at your payment.

Before choosing your courier method, please note that Weare is not liable for any delays, wrong deliveries, etc. And it is all your responsibility that return must reach us. And it will be beneficial if tracking id will be shared with us. So we can track it from both ends, which will lead us to a successful business deal.