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Terms and Conditions: 

Welcome to the shreedesignsnx.com In using the service of shreedesignsnx.com. you, the customer is bound to have accepted the terms and conditions listed below-

Each merchandise/services and data displayed on shreedesignsnx.com constitute an invitation to offer. Purchasing products during offer will be subject to the terms and conditions below. shreedesignsnx.com holds all the rights to approve or disapprove your offer. After ordering, we will notify you for receipt confirmation and details confirmation, a post that we will process for the order. shreedesignsnx.com will not entertain any of your constitutes before in progressing actual delivery.

Eligibility for Membership:

Our website is only for those who are legally bound to contracts stated below the law. People who are not compiling this contract within the explanation of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, together with un-discharged insolvents, are strongly not permitted to use this Site. In case of minor people, i.e. below 18 years but completed of 13 years of age, you must use this Site only under the supervision of a guardian who agreed to follow and use our terms and conditions. Your registered guardian can transact on behalf of you if you are under the age of 18, and you are strongly banned from purchasing any item of adult consumption.

During the investigation, if shreedesignsnx.com found that you are under the age of 18 years, we reserve all the rights to suspend your Membership and ban to share access. If with any reason your Membership is suspended, you won't be able to access this Site.

By putting some terms and conditions aside, Which are product specified, that terms and conditions take the place of all preceding discussion, presentations, explanations will overcome notwithstanding any differences respect to other terms of any order acquinced. With using the terms of shreedesignsnx.com, you concur to be bound with all the terms.

Account and Registration responsibility:

Any information you provide to us like enrollment, registering, purchasing, opinion for a product or any email considered here is "your information". As per our privacy policy, and we will keep it safe. You must maintain the confidentiality of your account ID, password and deny access to your computer, And you concur to accept that you will be responsible for your account activities. shreedesignsnx.com will not take any responsibility of any person for their loss or damage which may appear due to any collapse by you to protect your account information. If you know or doubt that somebody secretly knows your information, you should come to us as soon as possible through the address mentioned below. In some case Shreedesignsnx.com get a reason to accept that there is near to be an infringement or security breach of the shreedesignsnx.com, we must require you to alter your information like password or we may delete your account without any prior warning and we will not be responsible for any of your loss. During the SALE period, coupons will not be considered as valid.

You also agree to:

It is your major responsibility to provide us truly of life information about yourself in shreedesignsnx.com's registration form (such information being the "Registration Data") keep it up to date, and it must be true and accurate. In such case, if we found that the information provided by you is inaccurate or irrelevant to shreedesignsnx.com than we reserve right to terminate your account and cancel all your access and Membership towards Site.

Pricing Information:

We shreedesignsnx.com bound to provide precise product and value of a particular product, but maybe error can arise due to human access. shreedesignsnx.com cannot confirm the cost to post order. Sometimes because of human error merchandise can be listed at a wrong price, but we shreedesignsnx.com have full right to cancel or decline your order unless it's already been in logistics. In some of the cases, we inform you as soon as possible if the price was misplaced, maybe we will cancel your order and inform you about the cancellation of your order. If the merchandise ordered by you have been dispatched, your price will not be considered accepted, and shreedesignsnx.com holds the right to adjust the price of the product and reach to you for further details via your email address entered by you on registration time, or delete the order and inform you of such cancellation. If we shreedesignsnx.com confirm the order, the same amount will be charged to your account and instantly notify you by email that the payment has been made. The payment may be debited before dispatch of the merchandise. If order may be cancel by us due to some circumstances, the debited money will be reserved back to your account.

We are here to serve you with great costs. But, sometimes an online price differs from the price in a showroom. We always try to be the low-price provider, but sometimes showroom prices outnumber our prices. Costs and stock of products are subject to change without prior information.

Cancellation by shreedesignsnx.com

Please understand that there may be certain cases in which we have to cancel your order. shreedesignsnx.com have all the rights to delete, stop or reject your order in any situation. In some cases, there are possibilities of your order cancellation due to out of stock quantities, or mistakes, or issues happened with payment fraud restrict department. After that, we need additional confirmation from you before accepting your order. The email will be sent to you for verification if your all or a part of the order is cancelled by you or need any additional measurements or information for accept your order. If you cancel your order after the card has been withdrawing an amount from your side, that amount will be repaid to your bank account by our team member as soon as possible.

Credit Card Details: 

You agreed to that payment method chosen by you will be beneficial of services on shreedesignsnx.com will be right and perfect and you will not use the illegal method or cards owned by you. i.e. card using by you must be own by you instead of others, and its credentials like password and number must be valid while making payment on shreedesignsnx.com. You must know, credit/debit card's passwords and information never get to us, our mediator just informs us about the status of payment if it is debited, in-process or failed by you. This information never be shared to any other agencies or organization by our mediators or shreedesignsnx.com until it is inspected for fraud investigation or by rules, law, regulations or court order. shreedesignsnx.com will not be responsible for any credit/debit card cheating or fraud. You have all the liability for the use of a card fraudulently and the onus to 'prove otherwise' will be exclusively on you.

Fraudulent /Declined/Not acceptable Transactions: 

In such case of fraud, shreedesignsnx.com reserves the right to recover the cost of Material, collection charges and lawyers' fees from persons using it wrong way, And are liable to take legal steps against wrong people for misuse of the website and any other illegal breach or mistake in break of these terms and conditions.shreedesignsnx.com as a merchant will not be under any liability any over in respect of a single damage or loss which is done directly or indirectly out of the rejection of authorization for any payment, on account of the cardholder having exceeded the all set limit confirmed by us with our respected bank time to time.

Electronic Communications: 

As you visit our Site or conversation done on emails are electronically. You agree that we can send you communications electronically. A post on Site and emails will be our medium of communication. You agreed that electronic Communications like agreements, disclosures, conversations etc. that we send to you fulfil all legal necessity that such communications in writing.

Conditions for Customer Support Chat: 

shreedesignsnx.com may stop its live support service at any instant of time without any prior notice.

shreedesignsnx.com or its presentor will not be responsible for any hold up produced in attending to or answering to the queries during the chat. 

We reserve communication through chat for our reference only; the buyer would not have the permission to access any of the information at a later date. 

Objectional communications during chatting are strictly prohibited, i.e. terrorist, threatening, fraud, offensive. 

The chatbox may not be used for dealing with any merchandises or guidance on merchant options or any other lure. 

You only can chat further with our online customer care advisor only if you accept these terms and conditions.

You Agree and Confirm: 

If miss-delivery done due to mistake of you (i.e. different name or address etc.) any extra cost experienced by shreedesignsnx.com for redelivery will be debited from you.

Services provided by shreedesignsnx.com, its partners or contracted brands must be used for legal motivations only and fulfil all the laws and regulations while transacting or using our Site.

Providing the right information will be beneficial to you wherever it is required.shreedesignsnx.com holds all rights to inspect and approve the data and all other details. During the investigation on your data found false, shreedesignsnx.com has all rights in its roots to reject your registration and banned you from accessing the services of shreedesignsnx.com and different affiliated website without prior approval whatsoever.

Accessing services on our website and all transactions doing by you is at your own sole risk, accessing and transacting this Site with your brave and developed judgement.

Address added by you is proper, without any error and should exist on to earth.

You should check the product description carefully, as you know the products on Site are model pictures while actual clothing will be slightly different from image. With placing an order for a garment, you the customer agreed with the terms and conditions of sale included in the product's description.

You may not use the Site for any of the following purposes: 

Circulating any illegal, abusive, harassing, harmful, offensive, etc. Material directly or indirectly meaning. Spreading materials that rise conduct that composes a crime give outcome in civil liability or break any relevant guidelines of governmental laws or code of practice. 

It is misleading unapproved access to different computer networks. 

To disturbing with any other people's use or entertainment purpose of the Site. breaking below laws; 

Interfering or damaging networks or worldwide websites connected to our Site. 

Coping, transcribing or storing digital duplicates of products protected by copyright and/or trademark without the authorization of the manufacturer.

Adjustments of Terms & Conditions of Service

Terms and conditions can change at any instant of time from shreedesignsnx.com without any advance notice to you. The latest update of the Agreement can anytime access by you at any instant of time. You must check the terms and conditions of shreedesignsnx.com at several intervals of time. If you disagree with following our updated terms and conditions, you can not access to shreedesignsnx.com from that instant of time. And as you agreed to accept our terms and conditions, you will get access to our full service again.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This customer Agreement will be interpreted in accord with the relevant laws and jurisdiction of India. The Courts at Surat will have entire jurisdiction in any forwardings arising out of this Agreement.

Any disagreement or manipulation in explanation or otherwise, of any law of this customer agreement of two parties hereto, the perfect will be mentioned to an individual judge who will be arranged by shreedesignsnx.com, and his/her judgement will be ultimate and applicable on parties hereto. This arbitration will be in Agreement with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as regularly revise at time intervals. The Conciliation will be organized in surat. The High Court of judicature at Surat only will have the jurisdiction, and the constitution of India will apply.

Reviews, Feedback, Submissions 

Any messages related to shreedesignsnx.com like feedbacks, reviews, comments, suggestions, emails, new ideas and any different submission on our Site or any attachments, messages, submitted or provided in connection with your use of our website will be and abide by shreedesignsnx.com property. This type of enclosures, submissions or offers of any message will represent an assignment to shreedesignsnx.com of all international and national (i.e. worldwide) rights, titles and demand in all copyrights and different intellectual properties in the comments. That means, shreedesignsnx.com holds all type of rights, titles and demands and will not be bounded in any way in its application, commercial or otherwise of any comments. shreedesignsnx.com shall be authorized to generate, apply, use, alter, adjust, reveal, duplicate imitative works from, share, display and pass on any comments or message submitted by you for any reason whatsoever, without any limitation and any payment to you in any form. shreedesignsnx.coom is and will be under no responsibilities (i) To keep any message confidential ; (ii) to reward you any money for any single message or comments; or (iii) for replying or responding to any messages or any comments. You confirm and agree that any message or comments or reviews uploaded by you to our or any website will not breach this policy or any type of right relevant to third party, as well as trademark, copyright, privacy policy or any individual's or company's right(s), and will not harm to people or organization. Adon you also agree that comment, review or message uploaded by you will not contain any spam, mass mailing, threatening, violating Material, or will not be related to any political campaign.

We, shreedesignsnx.com do not check or review your submitted comments regularly, but holds all rights to view and edit or delete any comment or message uploaded to our website. You grant us the right to access the name that you mentioned or submit in your any of the message or comments. You strongly agree that you will not apply any false email address, duplicacy of any individual's or industry, or otherwise mislead as to the origin you uploaded. You agree that you are and will always responsible for message of any comments done by you and you will be liable for any repayment to shreedesignsnx.com or its affiliate for any comments you submit. And please note that shreedesignsnx.com will or its affiliates will not responsible or liable for any comments submitted by you or any person or any third party.

Copyright & Trademark 

Appearing products, Images, Text, Processes, communication, chats, programs, contents etc. all things are reserved with its intellectual property rights by shreedesignsnx.com and its suppliers and licensors. Access to this website is not and will never be obtained as consulting website upon any individual any proof under any of shreedesignsnx.com or any intellectual third party property rights. 

Shreedesignsnx.com reserves each and All belonging rights of all programs, merchandise, processes, technological, and any other software or Material related which displays on the website and its affiliates, suppliers, resellers and licensors worldwide as anyone can access this website that does not mean that we provided any type of licenses under any of shreedesignsnx.com or any kind of third party's relative property rights. shreedesignsnx.com owns and have all license of this website and all rights (with all copyright). Commercial use of any contents of this website including copy, modification, distribution, re-post, morphing etc. is strictly forbidden without the authorization of shreedesignsnx.com.

Logos, Titles and names of shreedesignsnx.com are related to product and service, and shreedesignsnx tagline is the trademarks or service marks of shreedesignsnx.com. Any different sign or symbols are proprietary of their own industries/companies. Please note that no trademark or service mark is granted relating to the products displayed on our website. We shreedesignsnx.com just allow you access for shopping purpose only; It does not allow any type of authorization to use any name, logo or mark in any kind of different way.

Each and everything on this Site like Notes, videos, mp3s, downloads, logos, photographs, text, contents, images, arts, designs, etc. and written and other all things are part of this Site are only for an individual, non-commercial use. You can copy or download our content for your individual use only, not for any commercial purpose. We do not share any of our right, trademark and interest to you because of any duplicacy or copy or download done by you. Duplicacy, copy, modification, derivative creation, transmit, of any product/content, or exploitation of any sale, totally or partially, to any of the contents or website-related product is strictly prohibited. Each software which uses to develop shreedesignsnx.com are property of its suppliers and guarded by Indian and international laws of copyright. The data and software used in this are only for shopping purpose only. Please note that shreedesignsnx.com, its affiliates or any third party who have permission to their merchandises hold Indian and international copyright laws guard all the copyrights, trademarks and/or related property owned. The collection of this all contents of this website is the absolute property of shreedesignsnx.com and is also safeguarded by Indian and international copyright laws as well.

Objectionable Material 

You accept and know that there are some of the chances that you may experience some text or post judge by someone as insulting, abusive or humiliating, which may be or may not be recognized such as. And you accept that you are using the website and all services at your own risk and under all applicable law. shreedesignsnx.com and/or its partners will not be liable for your any upload which considered vulgar, disrespectful, or unpleasant to you.


You agree to pay any of the fees to shreedesignsnx.com, its employee, directors, agents etc. of the losses, lawyer's fees, compensation related to your actions or inactions, which rise any damages to shreedesignsnx.com or its affiliates or any third party.


The user agreement will be expired if you or shreedesignsnx.com will terminate it. As you discontinue to access any service of our Site, you can terminate our user Agreement at any instant of time. Our website, shreedesignsnx.com may put the end on this user agreement at any time and can be done very fast without any prior notification or notice, and respected to that stop your interaction with this website, this type of termination will not be liable to shreedesignsnx.com. You must need to crash all contents or duplicates or modification either downloaded by you or gained from this website, in respect to the end of user agreement from any side. shreedesignsnx.com's right to if any message will survive any termination of this User Agreement. 

This type of expiration of user agreement will not deny your responsibility to pay for the product prior ordered by your end from this website and do not affect any liability which arose under the user agreement.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimers: 

This website is based on "As if" conditions without any warranties or guarantees or promises. You must convey risks related using this website. 

shreedesignsnx.com full tries to make sure if the Material uploaded on the Site is exact, reputed and of rich in quality, But due to al content is internet-based only, we can't take full responsibility if this is the case. For any technical or technical problem faced by you during exploration or for any errors/discharge or results got from the use of such information, shreedesignsnx.com will not responsible for any of the above. shreedesignsnx.com or its suppliers will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage to benefits, by shreedesignsnx.com as per law. A preconception will be needed for any generality of the section above, till that shreedesignsnx.com will be only responsible for the limited value of the product ordered by you. shreedesignsnx.com, its co-workers and developing partners promise no explanations or guarantees about precision, authenticity, fullness, faultlessness and/or time-bound to any messages, application, links, graphics on or from the Site or that functioning of the Site must be error-free and/or undisturbed. We shreedesignsnx.com holds no responsibility for any financial or any other compensation experienced by you due to hold up, abortion, miscommunication, interference or dishonesty of any bit of data or any additional information transmitted in connection with the help of our Site; and/or any interruption or difficulties in the operation of the Site.

Site Security 

You are strictly forbidden from damaging or trying to violate the security system of the website, including, without any limit, (i) accessing data which are not allowed for you or getting on to a server or an account which is prohibited from obtaining; (ii) trying to investigate, copy or test the sensitivity of the server/system or networks or to crash privacy/security system or authentication breach without any authorization; (iii) With intent to spamming, flooding, overloading, spam mailing, crashing, spreading virus, trying to interfere with other member, host or connection (iv) spreading uninvited email, including publicity and/or marketing of merchandise or services; (v) It is a criminal offence to forge transmission control protocol and/or internet protocol packet header or any information related that. shreedesignsnx.com will get into the incident that may found such type of breach and found connected to such working of this website or any reach running on this website. You also agree that you will not use any other type of search engines, applications, software other than flexible provided third-party browser.

Entire Agreement 

If in any case, These any of terms and conditions fall or proved wrong to the above the law, but has no any boundary to, the responsible disclaimers and responsibility limitations set as above, then the healthy and forceless provision will be judged to be replaced by a valid, forceless provision which will highly nearer the intent of the real one and the balance of the Agreement will continue in the future. 

Unless otherwise specified within, this Agreement constitutes the whole Agreement between you and shreedesignsnx.com with respect to the shreedesignsnx.com sites/services, and it supplants all prior or contemporaneous conversations and approaches, weather device-generated, verbal or noted, within you and shreedesignsnx.com with respect to the shreedesignsnx.com websites/services.

shreedesignsnx.com's non-fulfilment to act with respect to damage by you or others does not reject its right to act with respect to the following or same violations.